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Madhu Decorticator: A sign of smile on tribal women, children and an old women [SEED-DST]

Madhu Decorticator: A sign of smile on tribal women, children and an old women – [SEED-DST]

We are very happy to share these photos and video. Because I have observed the drudgery of work facing by tribal women, Children and old women from picking of Mohva seeds to extraction of Oil. They have to go into forest and fields – podo lands to pick the seeds (sometimes birds help them by eating fruit and let the seed fall on ground) otherwise women have to beat the branches or fruit to get it on ground. They carry seeds to their home on head loads, later they sit under a shade tree and start beating each seed to get rind removed. It will take whole day 6 to 8 hours for debarking of seeds collected in one day [this machine takes only 15 minutes to finish the job] I have been trying to find some solution for this since last 7 years with the support of Keystone foundation then Tribes India TRIFED, Ministry of Tribal Affairs.. We made a lot of improvements/modifications to machine and named as MADHU DECORTICATOR. And Demonstrating the Machine in season of Mohva Seed in villages.This year we got support from SEED Division of DST and distributed 5 machines on 5th of June 2019. Today I visited the 4 villages to check whether machines are useful or not. Significantly we found that people are enjoying job with machines. We thankful to Keystone foundation, TRIFED and DST.

We request all development departments to check the function of the machine and provide 2 machines to each tribal village for getting more production of Mohva seed and timely extraction of valuable Oil.

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Meeting divisional level officers to appeal for entitlements

A team of representatives from 6 villages of Mothugudem cluster visited division offices on 27.9.2023 met DFO, Chinturu division for RoFR and APO, ITDA about Electricoty, housing and NREGS works. Gave appeal to take necessary action.

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Cluster level Review meeting at Intalurivagu 24.9.2023

Cluster level review meeting organized at Intalurivagu on 24.9.2023, 32 farmers participated and discussed about entitlements to be obtained and follow up action to meet concerned authorities.

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UNDRIP Meeting at Bhadrachalam

United nation declaration on the Rights of indigenous peoples meeting held at Bhadrachalam. six porja community members attended from Mothugudemm cluster along with us.

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Kitchen garden seeds distribution in Mothugudem cluster

100 Kitchen garder seed kits of 12 varieties of Vegetables and leafy vegetables distributed in 5 villages of Mothugudem cluster. 1. Polluru, 2. Mallavaram,3. Thadikavagu, 4. Intalurivagu, 5. Busupaka. 

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Distribution of Blankets to most vulnerable community


విపరీతమైన చలికి బాధపడుతున్న అడవుల్లోని గిరిజనులకు దుప్పట్లు పంపిణీ చేసి చలి వల్ల వచ్చే వ్యాధుల నుండి రక్షణ కల్పించి ఆదుకున్నందుకు మోతుగూడెం క్లస్టర్ లోని 9

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Training on Value addition to Fish Palm Neera at Intalurivagu on 24.11.2022.

We have been organized a value addition training programme on "FISH PALM NEERA VALUE ADDITION" with the cooperation of Dr. P.C. Vengaiah, Senior Scientist, Horicultural Research Station, Pandirimamidi at Intalurivagu of Mothugudem G.P.  56 toddy tappers and women participated in the training. Dr. Vengaiah garu explained the process of making Jaggery with Fish Palm Neera and marketing demand. Practically he made the jaggury as part of the

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Distribution of Tarpaulin Sheets to MCD camp and Busupaka

On the occasion of Palm neera value addition training programme at Intalurivagu on 24.11.2022, Dr. P.C. Vengaiah garu distributed the Tarpaulin sheets to 52 farmers of two villages.

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Increased yield of Finger Millet afte stone picking and bunding.



During last summer we organised few farmers of Rajucamp to remove stone on their land and make bunding. This season they are happy to see good crop comparing to last year.

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Support to differently abled person p bhumireddi



Visted Bhumireddi of Sukumamidi yesterday and gave him groceries for one month. Met his mother. He applied for Adhar card now.

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Mr. P. Raghu from Azimpremji Foundation visit to our field area



Mr. P.Raghu from Azimpremji Foundation visited our office on 18.11.2022 morning had a discussion on proposed issue based activities in Chinturu division. Afternoon he visited and had interaction with community members in Mothugudem cluster Intalurivagu village. 

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