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CBI Searches Two NGO Premises, Office In Bihar Shelter Home Case

The CBI carried out searches at two separate locations in Bihar's Muzaffarpur in connection with the sexual assault of minor girls at a state-funded shelter home in the district, officials said today.
The searches were carried out at the shelter home, 'Balika Grih', and at 'Sewa Sankalp Evam Vikas Samiti' premises, the NGO which ran the centre, they said.

The case relates to the sexual abuse of minor girls at the the shelter home. Sexual abuse of at least 34 inmates out of 42 was confirmed in their medical examination.

Several people, including Brajesh Thakur, the owner of the NGO, have been arrested in the case.

Madhu alias Sahista Praveen, who runs the NGO, is absconding, officials said.

The Bihar government allowed CBI's request to shift Thakur from Muzaffarpur Jail to Bhagalpur Jail. Other accused will be moved to Patna Central Jail, the officials said.

Thakur was allegedly using his clout to "run the show" from the prison, CBI officials claimed. They said he was allegedly misusing the facilities and got himself admitted in the prison hospital on several occasions.

According to official sources, the agency found during its probe that the inmates were taken from the shelter home to 'Sewa Sankalp Evam Vikas Samiti' premises, where they were sexually assaulted.

So far 34 inmates have recorded their statements, they added.

Last week, in a status filed in the Supreme Court, the CBI said the girls have gone through a lot of trauma and require counselling by experts of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS).

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Delivery of 30 Solar lights in SALIBUDAPA hamlet



Distribution of 30 Solar lights in SALIBUDAPA hamlet of Vissapuram GP Yetapaka division 

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Formation of road to make easy access

Kits distribution in Shantinagaram as cloth for work undertaken by villagers and made a beautiful strong Road of 3/4th km making it easy for four wheelers to reach their village.

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Road formation at Shantinagaram

Road formation at Shantinagaram 

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Preparation of social mapping forest resources in pusapaka village

సాంప్రదాయ సామాజిక అటవీ ఉమ్మడి హక్కుల పటం తయారీ పై శిక్షణ కార్యక్రమం. 

వ్యక్తిగత సామూహిక అటవీ హక్కు పత్రాలను పొందేందుకు నిర్దిష్టమైన విధానాన్ని అవలంబించాలని

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Road formation at Shantinagaram



Road repair and maintenance of drainage system sramadhan by the village community of Shanti nagaram. total 22 families were participated in the work. 

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Today's visit report



Planning for cloth for work scheme in Mallavaram and Fourbay camp. The community chooses a few works to be taken up under cfw. Distribution of cfw kits in tadikavagu village. A kit to P. Ramireddy (DAP)Sukumamidi.

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Distribution of cloth for work kits




Busupaka villagers have completed hightening of bund of paddy field and one new mud check dam to store water for using in crop season. total 25 families belonging to boosupaka village participated in the cloth for work scheme and successfully completed the task. Mr Syed Subhani has distributed cloth for work kits received from GOONJ to the beneficiaries of the work.

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Distribution of household solar lights and street light



Our honorary president Mr Sriram Shetty Kanta Rao Garu have delivered household solar lights 10 and 1 street light to the KODOMOGUD village situated at Odisha border. There is no power in the village and even no road to access outside world.

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Bund formation around the Hill




25 families of Gangavada village digged two feet depth one feet width canal around the surrounding hill to prevent flesh out rainwater damaging their homes. Mr.Subhani has distributed 25 kits from Goonj association under cloth for work scheme.

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Road repair to Rajucamp hilltop village



Road repair work for 5 full days done by the villagers having 11families. 2.5 Kms road made ready for access to 3 wheeler and reach of essential commodities and health needs.

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